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The Vilma Nicholls Tafawa and Weusi Tafawa Foundation is organized and structured as an unincorporated public charity that provides merit-based scholarships for academic training and mentorship support for girls with acute financial need, from underserved communities, across Guyana.

The Foundation identifies primary school girls who are academically gifted and who lack the financial resources to advance their education and social development. The Foundation then works with a selection committee that comprise notable community leaders including, administrators of higher education, who help to identify and compile a short list of candidates for scholarships. The finalists are interviewed as part of the scholarship process. Successful students are awarded a scholarship which will fund their school uniform, books and school supplies throughout their primary school education.

The Vilma Nicholls Tafawa and Weusi Tafawa Foundation is exempt from United States Federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501 (c) (3). Therefore, donors can deduct contributions they make to the Foundation under IRC Section 170. The Foundation is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, transfers or gifts under Section 2055,2106, or 2522.

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